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My payment hasn't come to my bank account
Hi admin, please help.
I joined daily pay & to be honest iv had problems from the start. I havnt received any payments & my payment from new year was scheduled to come to my bank account on the 3rd feb, I have checked my bank & no payment has gone in & when I checked my adultwork payments it shows it has been paid in but not my sort code or account number.
I have just moved house & only got back online last week, I only checked my bank today & noticed the problem. Please advise on what to do
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How do I block someone who hasn't messaged me?
I have a "regular" who rings me 4 x a day. His fantasy is to beat women up. And fully degrade them. Obv during chat you have to get into it. He thinks we are meeting tomorrow! He thinks I'm going to him!

He owes me a feedback, and I have a feeling he's holding out giving it me so he can degrade me when I don't turn up.

I know this is all my own fault.

What do I do?
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