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Full-Time Computer Geek Required!!!
I am looking for a MAC Computer Operator to work for me and a Production Company I am involved with.
The position will involve:
Updating & maintaining several Adult Websites
Non Linear Editing Experience
PhotoShop Skills
Adobe Premier and/or Cut
General Admin
Knowledge of PHP would-be handy
Based in Bristol with onsite subsidised accomodation available
Salary - To be negotiated
Please initially DM me via the Forum
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Irish Geek Transgirl looking to spread some magic over phone & text...
Hi I'm Agatha! I'm curious and open minded and love to roleplay and stuff like that Smile I'm kinda geeky and have a goofy/adorkable sense of humour but also have a witchy dom side to me that I love to unleash. I can be naughty or nice!

I do phone chat, SMS and DirectIM at the moment, though I might do Cam and other work on occasion in future. Plus I'm a good listener and open to new things! I can be hard to unsettle when I'm in the mood.

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