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An escort working from a shared home, legalities
I can never fathem the things i read about this due to pimping and brothel issues.

If for example:
I know this escort woman who would like to live near me.
If i have a 2 bedroom apartment paid via mortgage, and she pays me her half of the bills and equivalent of rent - cash in hand for tax reasons.
Who she has visit her in her room is her business i dont care so im not controlling her or anything.

Would that be ok? or would i get done some how?
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what made u decide to escort
girls what made u decide to join the industry
was it something u had thought about before
were u naive about the perceptions u had

i had thought about it before more out of curiosity, my thoughts very naive at the time thinking that any service the client would want i would have to give even though i didn't enjoy it

i also thought oh u have to be young, very slim with huge firm boobs model kind of type

i actually joined AW for the phonechat back in the end of jan 2009, then was quite
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Sophie York based escort
hi there,

i'm a York based escort available evenings and weekends.

At 5ft 5 (ish) i'm average height, but that's all that is average!! I'm a slim size 8, with scarlet red hair- you certainly won't be able to miss me when we meet!!

i'm fun and bubbly and will make the perfect date for any occasion.

See my AW profile from the link below which gives you more details on the services i offer...

Hope to hear from you soon....
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Looking for Anal & Swallow Escort
Looking for Anal & Swallow escort! Sale, Cheshire!
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Escort to rim in Leeds
I'm after a slim escort based in leeds who is willing to receive deep rimming. By deep rimming I mean deep tonguing.

If you provide this service then please drop me a pm. If not, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Best regards
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Meeting an escort out and about
I saw one of my favourite escorts the other day, what is the best thing to do. Ignore them or wave at them from the other side of a pub, I had the second one done to me when I was in a pub a while ago.
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Gawjus TV Escort in Bournemouth
For the guy who likes his girl to have a little bit 'extra'!

I'm Claudia, and I'm new to these forums. Just thought I'd introduce myself! Smile

I'm a 30-something TV escort looking for new clients and friends in the Bournemouth area. I work from my comfortable flat close to the centre of town, just a short stroll from the railway station.

I'm very discreet, and for all you guys who've fantasized about meeting a girl like me I'll be sure to put you at your ease and give you the time of your lives
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hi i am avalible in trowbride for escort bookings

im 26 yrs old english and a local girl Smile

view my site for my xxx pics movies and for more info on me

weekends only

Adultwork Verified & Independant .
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Sexual habits at home vs with an Escort
While reading on a different forum about things they don't want to happen with an Escort, it made me realise that actually our habits tend to be very different when paying than while at home.

For instance, (I hope) you would not go and visit an Escort after a long day at work without taking a shower first. Would you do the same at home if wanting some fun with your OH?

Would you ask your OH to go take a shower if you wanted to play with them?

Do you use mouthwash before kissing your pa
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How not to book an escort
Come on girls add your little gems to the list they could make entertaining reading I got this one yesterday and so did at least one other girl in my area.

hi gorjus xx

i see ur petite which is sexy as hell

and im quite a large guy.

ive pasted a link to a picture of my cock. if its ok with u for vaginal for a few hours and u wont get sore id like to book please..for a few hours if poss

http://i51.tinypic.com/14ih4dd.jpg <---- pic here hun
( paste it into your browser to see )
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