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do you girls enjoy the sex
Is sex for an escort with a client as enjoyable as with a Boyfriend or husband. Do many of you climax with clients.
Author: Trinity-Belle - Replies: 13 - Views: 13961
Doesn't Enjoy
Has anyone noticed the "Doesn't Enjoy" tab on our profiles, next to the "Enjoys" list?

It seems to be a reversal of our "Enjoys" list, which seems a little ridiculous to me.

So the very first thing on my "Doesn't Enjoy" list is "A" Levels... because "A" Levels (at discretion) appears in my Enjoys list.

Also, there are things which I don't specifically put on my Enjoys list because I don't want to attract the kind of guys who are looking for those things as they are not my speciality...
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I like sex very much and I enjoy it all the time.
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Do women enjoy watching men masturbate?
How many of the ladies enjoy watching us men masturbate? I ask this because I always have trouble cumming when having sex with an escort (just can't get on with condoms) and end up masturbating. I get really turned on by having a woman watch me wanking and would like to think the reverse is true.
Author: torrentmike - Replies: 15 - Views: 15785
Do women enjoy their feets licked?
I would like to hear more so hopefully I can boost the fun in my next meeting.

So do you girls like your feets kissed, licked, and sucked?

I love doing it, and its one of the top categories on my must do list.

Also love her scent when the girl has been out in her boots
Author: abaibe - Replies: 2 - Views: 4230
best place to go to enjoy

this is my very first post, but had chance to read many topics in the forum before putting something.. so, sorry for coming straight with a question

...question that may sounds stupid, but that's the facts:

I am travelling a lot in several places in the world for work purposes.. and believe me, idea to enjoy some time with an Escort came in my mind more than frequently.

This the problem: despite I browsed many and many websites, finding local contacts in the places where I've
Author: no_sex_please - Replies: 5 - Views: 3992
Do 'DOMS' enjoy what they do?
General question for FEMDOMS or Escorts that do domination……

Of course I realise that AW escorts are doing what they do to earn cash but, given that many of the punters are middle aged or older, do they enjoy it at all? specially if it involves fetish requests (e.g. punters wanting to experience being a slave and all that it may involve)?
I only ask because, for me, the 'turn on' is purely that everything I endure is for the pleasure of the lady and it doesn't work if otherwise.
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