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Dropping off the server
Is anyone else having issues this afternoon?

I have been logged on for about an hour and now been dropped off and reconnected about 5 or 6 times. fortunately (or not) I have been quiet and not dropped when a guy has been online.
Hope it sorts itself out before I get anyone in - I lost one on Saturday because of this.
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directcam laggy and FSP dropping 18th july
hi has anyone else had any issues with directcam today 18th july ? I went on and all was well but had to log off after a private , when came back I was limited to the smallest size 320 *240 and my frames were dropping , guys sadly were saying my picture kept freezing , so I had to log off , hope it improves later on, as usual checked my fibre connection all is well , same as laptop all is well

kisses country-gal
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Dropping out of cam at EXACTLY the same time
Last night, and not for the first time, a regular was trying to cam with me but at exactly 1:59 his cam would freeze and he would leave the room. He tried 4 times and each time he got booted at 1:59. We both emailed AW support, and it's an issue I have brought up in the past with them, but we both got back standard emails that they are unaware of a problem. Has anyone else experienced this because I literally just made them aware of a problem and it's being ignored? I wonder how many others who
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