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What doesn't he understand?
Potential client tried to meet me when I had a cold. Repeatedly told him 'No', as I wouldn't be at my best... and it's a lot of money to spend on someone when they can't give it their all.

9 texts from him today.
1. Hello
2. Wat doing dear? Are yo okay now r still ill
3. Can yo recognise me r forgotten?
4. Okie wher yo now? R yo busy?
5. So how long it ll be from new castle?
6. OK wats yo rate dear?
7. Yo there dear?
8. I jus wan half an hour dear.. So..? Pls tell me accordingly.
9. Since yo r
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Doesn't Enjoy
Has anyone noticed the "Doesn't Enjoy" tab on our profiles, next to the "Enjoys" list?

It seems to be a reversal of our "Enjoys" list, which seems a little ridiculous to me.

So the very first thing on my "Doesn't Enjoy" list is "A" Levels... because "A" Levels (at discretion) appears in my Enjoys list.

Also, there are things which I don't specifically put on my Enjoys list because I don't want to attract the kind of guys who are looking for those things as they are not my speciality...
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Am I Right In Thinking SMS Chat Doesn't Work ?
So I have a girl who wants to earn some extra money... told her about the webcam options on AdultWork... but looked at the SMS chat and am I right in thinking it doesn't work ? Huh
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Do you make app with a client who doesn't have an AW profile?
Very rarely I do display my mobile in my profile because I have not made an appointment from AW over the phone for almost 2 years. Am I being paranoid or just trusting my sixth sense?

Nowadays, when I receive a call my first question is: Kindly, can you tell me from which adult directory you got my number?

Normally the answer is something like: Huh... on blah, blah, blah that gives a link to your website and AW Big Grin

To which I reply: How nice! Since I am available on AW today just send
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Pay doesn't match credits earned
Confused Huh Huh Huh why doesn't the payment I received yesterday match the credits I earned Huh Huh Huh Confused  

I have tried e-mailing my group manager but he/she never seems to reply about anything I ask him/her why is this??????
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