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dress code
now, when i go to see a client i like to dress as i would for work or socialising, ensuring i have something more appropriate underneath... i think if i'm wearing casual clothes i draw less attention and then i'm more relaxed to meet my client. I find most gentlemen request or appreciate this for discretional reasons.

i did however have a request for a gent to pick me up at tesco's in a latex dress and thigh high boots... not quite so inconspicuous. (i declined this offer for this very reason
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Sextoys.co.uk Discount Code
Get 20% off at sextoys and lingerie.

Discount Code: EROTICA

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If you use it please let us know it still works and what you bought! Wink
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newbie,iban/swift code problems with halifax
hi im 9 months pregnant and having my baby in turkey ,i could go into labour anytime now and worked every minuite of the day so i can afford expencive hosptail fees ,so ive done the iban thing ,having to wait to get paid is also a problem but i dont know a quicker way, im so worried halifax may have messed up as when i rang them they gave me a swift code and iban al seemed ok then i rang back to ask for another for a diffrent card same bank but my overdraft card and the swift code was a lot lot
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Tax code for sole traders? Amounts under 10k
Hey again.

Just want to check something.

My partner works in full time, on his own tax code 1000l. My income will most likely be solely on AW, maybe other similar sites in the future, but just that for now.

I'll be creating a seperate bank account for this, to keep things easy to seperate

Am I right in thinking, that if I go self employed for this, as a sole trade, I would also get the same 1000L tax code....or do we have to get a special different tax code?

So.....of the income
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BB code help
How do we put bullet points in our AW profiles? I'm sure I had them before but can't remember how and they aren't listed in the BB codes at the side when you edit your profile xx
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Phone Re Verification code never arrives
Hi does anyone know whats going on with the phone number verification.

My number was verified for a long time with aw and I regularly bought small amounts of credit through it.

I received a message randomly one day when trying to buy credits saying that i needed to verify my number even though it was already verified. I followed the instructions several times but the code thats meant to come through to my phone never ever arrives and I KNOW my number is on there correctly

Has anyone els
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