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Elite Brazilian Escort Antonia A/Z Services NEW @TheBondGirls Manchest
Good Day Gentlemen

Elysa Loves Manchester So Much she has invited her Her Friend Antonia To Join The Fun , and Looking at her list of services she will be here to party lol

[Image: http://www.manchester-escorts.com/images...874951.jpg]

please call to book 01612415509

she arrives after 4pm

thank you

MoneyPenny x

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Annie , Brandy and New Girl Antonia A/Z Services, Available @TheBondG
Good Afternoon Gentlemen

Busty Blonde Annie is available Tonight from 7pm

[Image: http://www.manchester-escorts.com/images...970631.jpg]

Ebony Escort Brandy from 8pm

[Image: http://www.manchester-escorts.com/images...163255.jpg]

A/Z Service Antonia Available Now

[Image: http://www.manchester-escorts.com/images...874951.jpg]

Elite Escort Elysa Available Now

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Elysa And Antonia @TheBondGirls
Good Day Gentlemen

Elysa and Antonia are waiting at the apartments Today

please call 01612415509 to book

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Elite Brazilian Escort Antonia A/Z Services @TheBondGirls Manchester
Good Day Gentlemen

Todays Elite girls are as follows , Antonia Brazilian Escort A/Z Services

[Image: http://www.thebondgirls.co.uk/girls/6ed1...e659df.jpg]

Crazy Escort Crystal

[Image: http://www.thebondgirls.co.uk/girls/19db...e50c45.jpg]

Elite Escort Hope

[Image: http://www.thebondgirls.co.uk/girls/a081...57a54a.jpg]

To Mention a few , I have just set the available girls for tonight so please follow the link
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Antonia's Amazing Holiday Discount £30 OFF
Good Day Gentlemen

Antonia is offering £120 hour in calls and £140 city centre as a little treat before she goes away for a three week holiday !

[Image: http://www.thebondgirls.co.uk/girls/6ed1...e659df.jpg]

Please call to book


or follow the link bellow to see other available girls

thank you

MoneyPenny xx

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