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Can I get into male adult work without showing my face/wearing mask?
(24-01-2016, 18:30)guest Wrote: I find this a very interesting topic. On the subject, what sort of budget do you need to start making porn movies
Hiring female porn actresses, camera man, building a website, and paying copyright

Well you've been given a list of Pornstars on AW on that other thread so when you actually visit one of them you can ask her how much she charges to star in a movie can't you, alternatively some probably also allow filming when you visit them so why don't you try that first as it will be a lot cheaper, then you can come back here show us the results and will let you know if you've got what it takes.
I'm really not bothered I like League One.

BTW guest do you know how you get your Pornstar take the name of your first pet and your mothers maiden name, mine would be Lady Dicks, and I promise you I'm not making that up.
I'm really not bothered I like League One.


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