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My profile role has changed on adult work please help!!

I'm having trouble on adultwork i have received emails saying that they cannot view my profile.

i then tried to put my profile "available today " and the settings seem to have changed ,

i then noticed my profile has changed to "seeking services" instead of offering services.

i have then tried to change it back to offering services and at the top it says

Note: You are not permitted change the services offered at this time.

i went in the help centre and tried to get help and it says the following

f you are seeing, "You are not permitted change the services offered at this time.", when updating your Registration Details then your profile has been moderated as a result of complaints received from members of the site.

You will probably have been sent an email regarding this change to your profile and if you are unsure as to why this has happened you should review our terms of use and the other articles in the Knowledge Base that pertain to profile removal.

click here to let us know if you believe this is an error.

If you find that you cannot add Escort, Webcam or Phone Chat services to your profile, please check first to ensure you have not ticked Other Services in error.

At this time it is not possible to be listed as offering Escort Services (or Webcam/Phone Chat) and Other Services.

You should choose which best describe the services you are offering.

Members are permitted to create a separate profile if they wish to offer any of the categories within Other Services.

Members are permitted the following:

one solo Offering Services profile
one couple Offering Services profile
one Seeking Services profile
one Other Services profile

Members are not permitted to have a separate Alternative profile in addition to their existing profile. If you do wish to offer Alternative services as well, select the practices from within your edit profile page and your profile will then display alongside the other roles you perform.

can anybody help me please ? i need help to resolve this problem asap i have contacted adultwork by email but it takes them up to 48 hours for a reply !!

Regards Jennifer..
I'm not much help really, but I have personally found they reply well within 48hours. Hope its sorted soon xx

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