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UK Punting!
I hope someone can help me here. On UKPunting someone posted a question asking what had become of a 'missing' WG. I joined up and posted a reply as I knew what had happened to her. I was banned immediately. I won't go into further detail here for fear of saying the wrong thing but suffice to say I don't think I broke any forum rules in the content of my post.
I didn't wait for any type of confirmation email as (unlike this site which I have just joined) you get a confirmation email confirming your identity before your login. There was no such email from UKP - just go right ahead and post, so I did.
I have no idea how to contact the mods of UKP - I would like to do so as I think I have been harshly treated and would like to continue as a member - so if someone on here can either point one towards me or whatever then I would be very grateful.

UKP will ban anyone they don't like, speaks up or is "fluffy" lol. Your better off . They probably saw you as her pimp .

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I agree, I read the forums and had to walk away from the laptop for anger at the way I saw some speaking about girls, plus them explaining exactly how to steal our pictures and videos illegally. made me so cross.

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If I can just state my opinion here as a punter of some years standing. I treat WG's with the same respect as I would wish to be treated. I don't pass judgment or make any comment that might sound as such. This is a commercial relationship - end of - whereby one party sells a service or good to another party - end of. If both parties enjoy the experience, then the buyer comes back again. Any guy walking into a pub and treating bar staff in the same manner as he treats WG's would be banned and thrown out immediately. As for guys being arrogant, rude and deriding WG's then they show their total and utter ignorance. All people must be shown respect and manners (except politicians lol), irrespective of their job. In the UK we still have the "Victorian" image of WG's that lingers with the stench of the outmoded "class system". This is the 21st century ffs. I just wish that some boneheads would wake up to that and get real. Rant over !
I can't stand the name calling and the fact that they are not able to have a healthy discussion . If you speak up, you will be banned straight away.

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They are not just knobheads Hornygirl but irrelevant little boys.
I just had a look at their "worst escort picture challenge"....I have to say, ahahahah
I refuse to go on there now , bunch of fuck tards excuse my french .they must think they are all amazingly good looking . But in fact they are disgusting shallow minded attention seeking cunts .

They seem to forget that they are paying the girls for sex we are not paying for there amazing personality and good looks . Bet not many of them are married and if they are they have a small penis or a sex less marriage .

I am not saying they all act and talk like that but 90% of the finger bashing forum do in my opinion . Also as many girls have said if you have an opinion that they don't like you get banned . Why -???

Shallow hal springs to mind.


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Well watching that Rupert Everett thing Love for Sale, I saw the guys from the "therapy group" (I say that loosely as the therapist seemed a total arsehole) and was shocked that they DO look working class, common etc. Not meaning to be judgemental here, but this is exactly how I picture the guys on ukp - thoroughly uneducated, inarticulate, and angry at the world for their own failings. i was convinced this type of man never actually bought escort services (as he can't afford it). Now i've seen them on that show I stand corrected. Thoroughly explains the general attitude of the posters on there.

My only suggestion would be to raise your prices out of these douche bags' league, and never ever ever go near that forum. they are not the type of people you want as customers, and anyone who is would not be associating with such knuckle draggers.

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