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London advertising?
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(17-05-2013, 16:17)Emma_Mayfair_London Wrote:

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hi Ladies, where is the best place to advertise except AW, i already have a profile on it but the past few weeks has been soooo quiet... i have tried punternet and Captain 69, i don't think they work specially captain 69, i didn't get any booking for it.

is it worth to advertise on news paper and phone book?

thanks xx

There used to be several small booklet type magazines where girls could advertise and distributed at very small newsagents in central London, but first you had to pass sometimes the aggressive guy who used to answer the phone when inquiring about the advertising rates and secondly to pay the rather high fees advertising for yourself on an ad that might not work.  It worked though for lots of agencies who kept advertising there for years, probably on some reduced fees.  If you ad was to appear, you could be busy or not, depending on the fees, your patience on the phone with guys who might just want to waste your time etc

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