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selling gallery subscriptions
(27-02-2013, 18:54)scottswald Wrote: For instance (i hope this is worded less personal) if i put in the required time and attention into my PG, would it be considered reasonable or unreasonable to sell 5 or more galleries a day?

Well, that is asking the same thing!


(27-02-2013, 18:54)scottswald Wrote: Any thoughts as to weather me paying 4 credits was over the odds for a feature? it was kind of accidental, i meant to pay less.

Remember that there is a follow on effect to featuring... it doesn't necessarily drive people to your profile on the day, even though that is what you might hope for, it raises peoples awareness of you on the site generally so they are more likely to view your profile at a later date simply because they feel familiar with you and have "seen you around".

We all know who the top girls and guys on AW are... not because we know them, but just because we've seen them around the site. There are certain girls who it is hard to avoid!

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(27-02-2013, 12:06)scottswald Wrote:
(27-02-2013, 08:27)Classy_Katy Wrote: You need to pay for featuring the second that it turns midnight...there is a frenzy at 12am to get the movie featuring slot at the cheapest price (miss it by a few seconds and you have to pay the higher price). I have paid full price for featuring and recovered the money but I don't personally find it worth featuring at all...others do it everyday, especially escorts. My movies sell mostly because I am online rather than featured.

Yeah i heard about the midnight thing but was not familiar with the little grey box that says the price has gone up in those few seconds, so by the time i'd read it and tried a few times i think i ended up paying over the odds. I paid 4 credits. that bad?

4 credits isn't bad...the cheapest I've featured my movies for is 2's a lot more the next day.
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it started at either 0.2 credits or 0.5 credits but just wasnt quick enough, that would have been a bargain!

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