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What does Adult Work pay for for you?
I loved the pretty boys in the '80s...
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(01-03-2013, 11:44)Classy_Katy Wrote: I loved the pretty boys in the '80s...

yes all the New Romantics as Trinity said, so cool! Cool
(01-03-2013, 12:14)Scotty_Hottie Wrote: He's got a very short and thin... mic.

Just realized I don’t think we really answered the questions in Rebeca’s opening post (unless its been done in the private area.. which I’m not part of)….. Rebecca gave us quite a bit of information but it doesn’t seem like we afforded her the same back, so as fair exchange is no robbery and all that malarkey…. here goes:

Rebecca - if you want to sell underwear ONLY via AW you would need to set up a ‘Content' only provider profile – this would cost 1 credit per DAY (which equates I think to £1) – I think you could also sell picture/photo sets with this.... not 100% sure....... but you then have to factor in when you want to process your funds (i.e., cash in your payments) that AW then deducts a further 30% in admin fees.

There are about 3 ways to cash in your funds… one is by Cheque, you need at least 30 credits accumulated (after the 30%) before you can cash up. The next way is via UK bank transfer but you need to have accumulated 150 credits (again AFTER AW takes their 30% fee), there should be no further fees from your bank account if its in the UK. And then there is a payment card called Payoneer, it looks like a credit/debit card (from the US, you can apply for it via AW & they link it to your profile), you need 30 credits in your account before you can cash up using this method, there are quite a lot of charges/fees from Payoneer to use it though that can mount up, i.e., to withdraw from an ATM machine, check your balance and so forth. (I used one for a while and found a few other things wrong with it but I won’t go into that here).

If you Cam AND sell underwear, which is what I think you meant, then I’d say yes it could be quite lucrative. Like most things, the more hours you do the more you earn! I know this is the public part of the forum but its nothing that I haven’t read elsewhere on a public place on the net. If you have any further queries please feel free to inbox me.

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