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Accomodation (Hotels and Apartments)
Hello All,

I just need a helping hand in the right direction. As I want to provide more incalls however my accommodation is not suitable at the moment, and I am not getting as many outcall request considering I drive. So that wouldn't be an issue.

I am currently based in Southampton, but I am more than happy to travel somewhere (not too far from me) which has a good clientele and suitable accommodation.

So I was thinking whats best and more beneficial financially.

A Hotel or an Apartment and if anyone knows of any companies or people who are happy to provide please send them my way.

Many Thanks


Google "Serviced Apartments"

If you work it out on a daily rate, they work out a bit dearer than actually renting a small studio of your own, but not as dear as using a hotel. And they have the advantage that, like a hotel, you can just pick them up and put them down as you see fit. The sheets and towels get changed for you and a maid does the cleaning. They are usually in very swish and attractive modern blocks close to town centres or airports.

If you think you can draw in enough business to cover the costs and you are planning on working a lot, then you might be better off renting a small studio in a modern block with visitors parking and secure entry system. If you can get a furnished one, then that would be great, but as they are as rare as hens teeth, you ought to think in terms of setting aside a couple of grand to kit it out. And remember that you will need to have a month and a half deposit plus a month's rent in advance plus have some kind of proof of income before any landlord will let you sign the lease these days.

All in, serviced apartments are relatively cheap because you only pay for the time you are there, and they have zero set-up cost.
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I prefer to use hotels as I find them easier to book. Serviced apartment quotes are usually by request and I find them to be more expensive. They usually have a minimum stay required, late check in and early check out - This can mean on a 3 night stay you only get 2 days + 1 evening

My advice is to find a hotel chain that you wish to use, sign up to the rewards program to get the best offers, choice of rooms and late check out to 6pm. Register as a business, something bland and meaningless like A-Z Associates.

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