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How to leave a difficult group on Adultwork
This is wrote specifically for:

The London Gems
Sapphires International
High Society Models
Sapphire Daily Pay

But can be applied to any group you believe may make it difficult for you to leave.

Some quick fire myth busting before we begin, AW admin fee is 30%, they pay weekly on a Tuesday and AW allow you to work on more than one site at a time, the above groups only want you to work inside their group so they earn from you.

There is 2 ways to leave:

First way is deleting the profile and starting a fresh one. Make sure to get paid first and once paid do not work again, at the slightest metion you are leaving/starting again all your credits will be removed from you.

Changing your password wont do anything as they use a master password.

To delete your account go here, then click the red "remove me" button under "Registration and Regional Details".



Once done feel free to create a new account here on the right hand side.

If wishing to keep the profile, its broken down into 3 phases:

1. Preparation work
2. Requesting to leave
3. Checking settings after

Phase 1:

As soon as the group finds out you wish to leave they will delete all content and take your credits from you. For the credits you can either get paid then do the below or spend them on featuring/positioning for the next week (as this process may take some time due to the groups trying to make it really hard for you to leave).

Check and save content/text from profile here and here. Also inside your free galerry etc if yiou wish to back them up.

Once you have saved any data you wish to keep, go to the 2nd phase:

Requesting to leave, this can be done here, dont do it any other way. As soon as you click the button they will block/ban you from telegram (they use to have whatsapp groups until someone asked how much % the group takes and half the members left at the start of 2022), transfer your credits, never pay you again and delete all content on the profile.

Once the button is clicked, AW will send them an email requesting that they release you from the group. If they fail to do this within 24hours click the button again. On the second press AW will email them and say they have a further 24hours to release the account before AW do it themselves. At which point you will be free.

The third phase is to check your account settings. One nasty thing they will do is block the UK, so when you leave and no one comes in you think the group was somehow helping you and you rejoin or just leave the industry. This can be checked here. The second common thing they do is activate display number, this will drain your credits each day even after you leave the group and you may never notice it. Check this is these 2 locations, here and here (look for Show Mobile Number/Show Phone Chat Number).

A general check of settings here is also a good idea.

Lastly, change the email address on the account, if their email address is there they can get your password and access your account still, you can update it here.

As mentioned on other forums, clients know a huge chunk of the money they spend is taken by the group, so they will avoid Gems/Sapphires models, who tend to prey on newbies to the industry, they usually advertise via tiktok, instagram, twitter and dont advertise on the AW site itself as the rest of the models there know to avoid them.

There is a whatsapp group chat which contains ex sapphire/gems models if you wish to join send us a PM. You dont have to be in any group to join it.

We wish you a successful career on Adultwork/the industry, be careful not to fall for these schemes and be sure to ask any many questions as you can. When they stop responding or get aggressive you know something is wrong.

If you wish to complain to AW about their conduct, you can create a ticket here or email, the more complaints the sooner they get closed down and stop their predatory tactics.
UK Office landline number is 02080508019 12midday - 2pm Monday - Friday

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