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Are you a fan of OnlyFans, or do you promote yourself on there?
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To cut a long story short, the site is complete dog shit in terms of quality. The content is nothing special, for a start. You pay blah, blah, amount of cash to subscribe to 'exclusive content' that more or less consists of 5 second previews. That's pretty much it. So much for exclusive content, right? It's like a pay-per-view channel. I'm also sceptical about whether any woman on there even wants to meet you for real, despite what they may say. 

You're essentially not even getting a full video a lot of the time either, unless you 'tip' the broad who has uploaded the video(s) to see the full fucking shitty video(s) of them, doing whatever the hell it is they're doing. Normally you can get the same garbage for no cost on the many free porn sites online. So I did submit money a few times out of curiosity, just to see practically nothing that brilliant. And not only do videos not play beyond what feels like a mere millisecond, as I said, downloading the videos with a video saving app (which these women probably don't like guys doing, as it's meant to be seen on there) to watch this crap offline is just as fucking slow and pointless. Plus, I'm on unlimited data, which unfortunately, does not include unlimited downloads. That's just going to end up screwing up my goodybag. But honestly, the site is retarded and bullshit.

Every video basically refuses to play beyond a millisecond. Pretty much every video I click on doesn't play for shit, even if I pause it and allow the grey bar to show a bit more. For the uneducated out there, that's called "buffering". So you're really just putting your money down the drain thinking you're getting value. Even YouTube doesn't have this problem, which suggests to me that it's likely an issue that lays with their server. I'm sure they get emails every week from people, berating them for this.

Quite frankly, OnlyFans is an absolute con. The site is as slow as fuck. Whether you're using a phone or a laptop to access it, that doesn't factor into things. Although when I use Google Chrome or Opera on my phone to view anything on OnlyFans, videos either don't play at all, or my phone freezes on me. I'm then forced to remove the battery because I cannot even exit the damn browser. And I'm not even using a VPN, but that makes no difference anyway. The site is just crap in general. 

Don't bother with that trashy, overrated site. It's just ass. There's a lot of reviews of men saying practically the same things I am.

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