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Support for Greater Manchester based sex workers
Hi, my name is Tayler from Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH). We are a charity based in the city centre offering sexual health testing and general advice & support. We are currently rolling out an online only program to support online sex workers such as yourself, which is sex worker-led. Please let me know if there’s anything you need help with; we can offer advice regarding a range of subjects, including money, education, employment, legal, mental health and sexual health.  Depending on what issue you may need help with, we can refer you to sex worker friendly organisations that can assist you with your specific need. If you need any support, please send me a PM on here. We are non-judgemental and put your needs first. We will not try to get you to leave your line of work and will support you as best as we can.

I would also like to make you aware that we offer a sexual health clinic at the drop in centre at MASH, where you can access free sexual health testing (full screening) including postal kits and free condoms. If you would like to be referred in to this service, please reply to this message or send a PM through the website. You can do so anonymously; all we need are your initials and date of birth.
Take care,
Tayler @ Mash
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Its Yvette from MASH here, I am available today until 1630 if anyone wants any support from us, just send a pm. If you need anything after this time today someone will be available and reply on Tuesday.

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