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Adultwork should be responsilbe for fraud by unverified members
Hello everyone,
Has anyone found themselves in this situation and how to rectify?
I do directchat and directIM.  A chat I had with someone went into ‘escrow’ and showed as a debit. I contacted ADultwork to enquire, and was surprised at their reply.  They said that the member I chatted to was ‘unverified’ and that until he uploads ID, my chat amount will be a debit and in escrow.  I may get the credits if he uploads ID. The exact reponse was this:
Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately any persons choosing to make an income on the internet will be exposed to some risk of fraudulent activity.
We are sure you will appreciate that although we do our best to combat this problem, the costs of running this site and absorbing the losses from those that defraud it are considerable. In many instances fraudulent activity is detected after the event (i.e. the credits have been withdrawn from our system by a Service Provider) .
If the member provides the ID then the credits will be returned to you. reserves the right to suspend credits for 180 days where we believe there to be transactions that contravene our Terms and Conditions or that are suspected of being fraudulent.
Please refer to our User Agreement for further information.

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The Team

I find this unacceptable for the following reasons.
When I joined I had to upload ID. I was informed this was mandatory to safeguard members. I assumed everyone had to.
Now I learn that is not the case, and even worse verified members are forced to pay the price unfairly for those who are not verified. How is this fair or even tolerated by other members here?
I understand the concept of ‘my club, my rules’ that Adultwork operates on, and I accept that. But if when joining you are told that uploading ID and becoming verified is mandatory you assume others will be too, and that you won’t be paying the price for the unverfication of others.
This isn’t about the money, it is about the principle.    We verify, and then we are told that we have to pay the price for the members Adultwork CHOOSES not to verify and lets them loose on the site to potentially scam us verified members. Surely, Adultwork should be paying for their failure to verify members?  You cannot have a situation when you allow unverified members and then don't accept the cost of the fraud (if any) they do.
This seems unfair and scammish, so the questions are:
1. Shouldn't Adultwork foot the bill for the fraud comitted by members who are allowed to roam freely as unverified members on the site given that others are made to verify before joining?
2. How do I prevent ‘unverfied’ members from calling me on Direct chat, Direct Im and Direct Cam?
3. What recourses have others had who have been in a similar situation?  As I said, it is not about this particular chat. One cannot work, if each time, you think that the chat you do could be going into ‘escrow’ and maybe you will lose the credits because Adultwork didn’t verify the member. There is no logic to this. It seems like a kind of fraud.

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