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Function to view potential clients credits
I’ve been making my way through the archives here; lots of useful tips and information, thanks all.

I came across a post about a feature that was in the pipeline allowing SPs to see SUs credits, whilst they are in a room. I think I read that correctly! Anyone know if a decision was made on this?

Hi, I believe AW ultimately decided against it, something along the lines of "It doesnt give a clear indication of their willingness to add more credits if they want to", "Privacy matters" etc
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Thanks, I did wonder with the privacy thing.
It’s a shame they didn’t go with it. On Skyprivate they show you the average a client has spent in the past with other ladies. It’s very useful to weed out the wankers who only spend a few dollars x

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I think as much as it might not give an indication how much particular person would be willing to spend... It allows to adjust shows to the time remaining. Not all people say "my credits are just about to run out" and knowing how much time person has allows at least to say goodbye Wink

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