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Problem buying features
Hopefully I've attached a couple of screenies to show what I mean by my post.

Quite often when trying to buy features it tells me the price has gone up and won't let me buy the feature even though the price hasn't actually gone up. This isn't during the mad bidding spell just after midnight, it's happening at any time during the day. If the screenies have attached OK you'll see there's a 5 minute time difference on my PC clock, price still the same as the 1st screenie that tells me the feature price has increased. Invariably by the time it does let me buy the feature hours later it has gone up, quite convenient that for AW but not for the service providers.

I've tried different browsers, different laptop/PC/Tablet. I mentioned it to AW help chat a couple of weeks ago and they told me it's my end not theirs and to try different browsers, clean my cookies, update all 3 browsers, basically everything I had done already.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Hi, the price displays "x.xx" eg 2 decimal places, but in the system its actually 4 decimal places. The livehelp staff may not know this as the system was built back in 2005. Similar to exchange rates, its always changing each second. It cannot be fixed by AW.

Im not sure how noticeable it is as no one has ever mentioned it but would you like me to purchase a day for you on AW and see how it goes?

UK Office landline number is 02892108055 12midday - 5pm Monday - Friday

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Thanks for replying and explaining why it happens. I've solved it for today, tried an hour or so later and the same thing happened, so I tried buying 2 days worth and that went through OK. That'll do if it's a work around for when I do get a "computer say no" message, it's only every few days I can't buy a feature when I want a spot.

Thank you.

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