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Cam tips for a newbie?
Hello ladies & gents!

I'm new to escorting/camming, at the moment I've just been creating private photos and clips for my profile which have been fairly successful. I've also got quite a lot of interest for potential bookings once the health pandemic has settled down and we're able to use the booking system again (I'm not comfortable offering private bookings off the site).

The actual escorting and physically meeting men/women I'm not bothered about and don't feel nervous about it, but I'm yet to do a cam show because my nerves keep putting me off! I know that might sound stupid to some of you, how can I feel nervous performing on camera but not in person, it baffles me too honestly. I think it's because I don't know what necessarily 'goes down' on a cam show, do any of you have any tips/tricks to help me overcome the nervousness? And could you offer some insight as to what most men/women tend to want from their cam shows?

If anything I'm just scared to disappoint people when they're paying to watch me and don't want to receive negative ratings if I do anything 'wrong'!
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I only started this April my tip is be yourself, and go from there. Welcome the person into the room, check they have sound or not, be friendly, build up a pattern of hours and regulars. Promote yourself on social media.
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Hi, for the nerves, just be yourself yes, people usually pop in, ask their query, if you say no they move on, if you say yes they will interact.

In my experience over the years, AW clients tend to be more polite than on other cam sites. They are being charged by the second so dont tend to beat about the bush but they are normally understanding if you decline.

"whats the worst that can happen" is a good line I believe. Neg feedback if any will be over shadowed by the positive and you can always reply to the feedback anyway Smile
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