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£1000 for a punt?! Fuck off.
I came across an Australian girl's page on the site when I was browsing the ladies in Edinburgh, where for her time, she charges £1000. When I sent a message to clarify if this was done in error, she replied in a sarcastic way. "No, it's £2000". LOL, hen...

Kind of greedy, eh?  Angel
Who was it?
(29-05-2020, 16:10)bertythebest Wrote: Who was it?

I'm not in the business of badmouthing people who don't deserve it. But for your reference, I cannot recall what her ID was. It appears the profile was removed. The only woman I ever saw more than 10 times was this Agnes, from Poland, who has since told me to fuck off for some reason. My first transgender experience was good too, but I got some nasty response from the person in question on a site called Ripoffreport. Honestly, I don't even know why these people are treating me like garbage. Do I have "sucker" written all over me? 

To be honest, I'm on the verge of calling it quits with now. Between the government ordered COVID-19 crap, the fake profiles, to the unfriendly or generally rude replies from some women on there, the site is pointless now. It's utter bollocks. Not only that, I also think the Internet as a whole is so toxic. Granted, it has always been that way, due to who's on it. But it's 2020... and I think it's a bigger waste of time now, than it was 5 or even 15 years ago. Forums are dead, because every video games related forum other than the busy ones populated by trolls, are just empty now. YouTube (more so for people with no talent, I'll admit) is becoming dead too, especially after those new rules Google introduced. You cannot even live stream from your mobile any more, unless you have 1000 followers. Using third party apps to get around the restriction makes for a bad experience as well, as the connection and playback quality is so bland with Streamlabs. 

I was actually on here years ago, with another name. Rambo something. Had some twat telling a mistress a ton of shite about me, claiming I was trying to start an 'inappropriate relationship' with a sub girl I met twice in a dungeon, who has since returned to Spain. Ana X or something was her name on here. She hasn't been active in ages, but she was just looking to start something on purpose. I'm telling you, though. The online world is just pointless, and it makes you feel worse off, having no hope for a brighter future. As for wanting sexual favours from time wasting dipshits... well, I think wanking my willy off is better anyway. It's free, I save money, and no doubt, I prevent a lot of hassle.

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