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I am considering escorting, I have never done it before it is just phone and cam but I have a few things I wondered and wanted to ask

I am unsure about the vetting process, I would be doing in calls  so is it name and number? How important is feedback on their profiles? Should I speak to them or see them on cam first to verify it is them?

How do you gain confidence? I ask this as I am a bigger lady and not always the most confident in my looks, this is no secret on my profile I state my dress size and there is plenty of pics of me 

How do I spot time wasters? I think you just know and you learn, I can normally spot them by the way they message me and talk to me

I know I should set my standards and if they don't meet them I don't meet them

I also wondered about booking, do I allow them to phone me or message me or should I tell them to ring me through adult work so I know they are serious? 

Am I right in thinking always take and check the money first?

Any other advice to tips welcome

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