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Has got worse for options!?
I don't know if it's me, but when I started punting back in 2015, there seemed to be new profiles popping up all over the place. They were actually real. I've seen a couple new profiles pop up and then disappear. They don't answer messages, it's most frustrating. There are a bunch of crusty old 40+ year old "regulars" in my area, but very few fit young things in they're 20s to play with. This isn't at all good.

I've never had a real life girlfriend or a one night stand or anything, so adultwork is my only "outlet" for meeting women and it just seems to get more and more frustrating.
when this lockdown is over and the virus is sorted, come for a night over with me in Spain.... i´m 40ish, but not old or crusty lol Smile
Natalie K x

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The site has gotten so bad. Either there's fake profiles, nobody responds, the members are super arrogant, or there's COVID-19 messing up everything...
I have found it really good, sure there are fakes, and people making 'daft' or rude contact but it's the same with most directories in my experience. I have just as many from other sources doing similar things and always heard reports of non-response from these too.

It's not new and I don't think will change.

Now in times when activity is thin it is easier to pick out the time wasters - they tend to be the only one operating (or not). If someone isn't genuine restrictions or other reasons to not work or respond are not really going to affect them.

None of this makes being rude, unproffessional or time wasting right. It's just the way it is I don't think any website or system will ever reduce it.
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