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Is there anybody out there in AW Birmingham (UK)?
Hi Ladies (and gents),

I'm a little bit confused about AW Birmingham. So much nice ladies - but no lady answer my mails or bookings! And this happened several times.
Example? Since 26. of November I wrote 18 (!) mails and bookings to 13 different ladies. All I got was 2 (!) automatic (!) answers.

The only way to get a booking is with the escort agency sides.

BUT: What is the AdultWork side for?

I have 3 positive and no negative feedbacks in the last 4 years. I'm a friendly guy.
But it is very hard and takes so much time to get a booking. One way is reverse booking. But cost me additional money.

I'm sick to waste my time on AW. Really.

Ladies, can I ask you: Why are you on AW? Are all of you only fake? Why don't anyone answer my mails and bookings?

Have to add some point on AW: This is the most usable database I found in the last years. The best portal for this our "hobby" (and business). But it seems, there are to much time wasters on this side.
Hi, just a quick note that the performers get hundreds of messages, they cant reply to them all so if they do get the chance to at least open a message if the contents dont interest them then they move on.

Are your messages being opened? Are you messaging active profiles? Their last login dates can be seen on profile.
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 12midday - 5pm Monday - Friday

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