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Emotional Support ?
Hi my name is Jeana I deliver outreach support for Streetlight UK 

[To see links please register here]

Streetlight UK offer specialist support and information to women who are or have been involved in the sex industry in any way, including street based, indoor sex workers and independent escorts in the Sussex and Surrey areas.

We respect that not everybody that is working in this industry wants or needs support. At Streetlight we understand that people have many different experiences of the sex industry, and that you and your experiences are unique. Streetlight believe that any violence (including the threat of violence) committed against people in the sex industry is a crime, not an occupational hazard. We are able to offer non-judgmental practical and/or emotional support to anyone who feels this may be of benefit to them. 

To receive one of our free self-care kits or to find out more please contact us on :


[To see links please register here]

[To see links please register here]

We run a friendly and discreet project in an informal and comfortable setting of your choice, and discuss anything that maybe of concern to you i.e:
   Sex work and the sex industry
   Reporting to Ugly mugs
   Difficult situations at work
   Sexual health and general health
   Coping with stress and burn out
   Free self-care kits
   How work is affecting you
   Legal issues
   Alternative careers/ further education
   Exiting sex work support

We will always:

Provide a professional, accountable and confidential service
Listen to you with sincerity and non-judgmental acceptance
Believe you

We will never:
Tell you what to do
Make assumptions about your life or your feelings
Pressure you to make decisions or take further action
Pressure you to change your behaviour or the way you live
Share any information about you with any other people, organisations or services
Judge, blame, or lie to you.

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