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Admin Can you clarify daily pay would NOT do this?
Admin, I am pretty sure you would not do this. I did a phone booking and the credits were in escrow and then shortly before they were due to clear they vanished so I messaged AW through Help with this..
''I completed a phone chat booking on 11/10/19 at 03.20 with member X and the amount was 24 credits. They were in escrow and then when I went to check tonight they had vanished so I haven't been paid. ''
 And this was their reply...


Thank you for your email.

These credits, once made available for transfer, were sent to your group manager.

You will need to contact your group manager directly to query this.


The Team''

So either they haven't bothered to read my message properly or something dodgy is going on. I have chatted with this member many times and he hadn't deleted his account at the time which I know can cause credits in escrow to not clear but they literally vanished.I did message him and he sent a screenshot showing that the credits had been deducted from him so what do I do? To be honest it's not about the credits, it isn't for much but I am concerned that this could happen again and for a larger amount.
By the way I had not requested transfer at all as had only just been paid  and those credits for that chat would not have cleared from escrow till 12/10

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Hi, this can happen when a transfer request has been actioned and there is also credits in escrow that havent passed there 24 limit mark, very rare, 1-2 times a year tops it happens. On our side it doesnt show anything different and the figure that arrives here is the figure you see transferred for the transfer so theres no way of knowing it occurred.

I have instructed staff to send the funds for the phonechat booking and it should arrive shortly.

Thanks for letting me know.
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 12midday - 5pm Monday - Friday

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Aw thank you so much! x

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