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I get so sick of having my time wasted!
So, I saw the same Polish woman for years, and she apparently disappeared to Aberdeen a lot. She said she would text me when she got back in Edinburgh, but she never did. Today, I seen a profile on that I suspected was her. Turns out it is her, but she text me back to reveal that she won't do anal any more with me, because she said that her limit is 8 inches now. What the fuck? Big Grin

I've known her for years, like I said. I booked her so many times in the past when she was calling herself Claudia, Isabelle and all that, but in recent years, I started to get the impression she didn't really like doing anal with me, and was always suggesting she would retire and stuff, likely just to hint to me that she was no longer interested in having me as a client. Yet I'd still see her around on Skokka and other sites in the upcoming months, if I looked hard enough. In fact, before I seen her back in April or May, I had not seen her since the summer of 2017 and I thought maybe she'd retired from the escorting game, and gone back home. When I met up with her again, she just told me she'd not been working.

To be honest, I think she's just changing her pseudonyms in an attempt to ignore me now. I guess I was going to give this punting game up sooner or later anyway, as it has been pissing me off in general. You're honestly better off just having a ham shank or going to a sauna, as the women on there just waste your time, and by the time you weed through all the arrogant tossers and utter nonsense, you just cannot be bothered seeking out a shag by that point. Arrow

Just how big is 8 inches anyway? My cock is about the same God damn size as any dick I've seen, so why should I measure mine? Just seems somewhat disrespectful when I've gave her so much custom for long enough. She should have just been honest from the jump. I've got a touch of autism, but that doesn't necessarily make a man daft. Should I just move on from her? Undecided

To be honest, a lot of other women have also been pulling the, "You're too big" card with me as well. Except for trannies. Confused

Hopefully in 2020, the best portion of the human race will make me appreciate life again. Dodgy

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