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Wolverhampton/walsall sex workers research project
Hello my name is Katie, I received support from a charity called changing lives when I reached a very bad point in my life. I am now volunteering with them and the university of Wolverhampton where we are conducting a research project on how we can improve changing lives service, I would like to have a face to face conversation in Wolverhampton or Walsall with 10 participants who feel they could benefit from help/support, their is no requirement whatsoever to wanting to leave the industry or change in any way.

Changing lives is a national lottery funded charity who help support vulnerable women whether sex work, crime/prisons, addictions. trauma, emotional abuse and homelessness.
Our main aims is to discover how we can improve the changing lives service by listening to your experiences, we would like to speak to some who have had contact with changing lives previously and also some who haven’t so we can discover how aware people are, do they know what we offer, would they be likely to use our services, what would you like us to offer, pros and cons and similar questions about your personal story and how we can offer support.

It will be completely anonymous and no names, personal details will be included in the study, it will be recorded to be transcribed after and then destroyed simply to prevent miscommunication and so I can give you my full attention rather than writing notes while we are talking. After the discussion you will be offered the opportunity to speak to a support worker from changing lives who can get you involved in the programmes and support on offer should you wish to receive it.
To be involved we require you to be:
- A female over the age of 18
- Working in the sex industry (any involvement) but as your main source of income
- Would like to receive emotional or other support
- Have been involved with or would be interested in being involved with changing lives
Please either reply to this message or email me with your interest and I will get back to you with more information on the Study
Thank you for your time.

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