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Central Ladies is fake shit...
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There's an escorts agency for both Edinburgh and Glasgow. I booked someone called "Lucy" from there, and the girl who arrived was most certainly not her. She said she's from Ukraine. The girls they advertise are not who you see. Their photos are ancient, stolen images of porn stars. I initially called to book, then I didn't get any quick responses via text messaging from the agency, and so I had to keep calling to find out if she was on her way, and whatnot.

The girl was pleasant to talk to. Wasn't really my type, but the chat made up for it. I was telling her about how social services are useless and treat clients with anxiety like garbage. She agreed. 

Anyway, here's some flaky women to look out for...

Tequila XXX

A total waste of time. How can you book her when she doesn't even have her number online half the time? Massive part-timer, despite the volume of positive feedback. Claims to be of mixed race. And I know she used to work in a sauna behind Rose Street in Edinburgh, as her pictures are as old as the hills. She's not really that attractive, facial looks-wise, and has a large mole near her lips. But you cannot see her face on her profile pictures in any case. That gathers.  Confused

Sasha's Sweet Honey

Heard she's a great punt, if you can even get to see her. But I reckon she is probably the most flaky girl in Edinburgh listed on that site. If you look her up on UKPunting, you'll see she's wasted many a guy's time by ignoring and cancelling bookings. Ages ago, I was supposed to see her. She says she does out calls, but I don't think she wanted to see me because I had no feedback. I was going to see her, but she seemed erratic and decided to cancel the booking. I'm not even going to bother trying to book her again. I think my mobile number got blocked by her anyway.  Dodgy


I had a great session with her ages ago, at a flat in Dalry. I agreed to see her again a month later when I had more cash, and she didn't log in for weeks after that. She last logged in on 23 August. I've sent both private and text messages to her pal, Sorcha, and so far I have never gotten any response, so I don't know if D is even still in town. It's a pity, but I am not going to waste my time on these two.

Grace JamTart

Seems like an absolute flaky fucker too. When you call her mobile, you get voicemail where she actually says to keep calling her, because she's not good at answering her phone. Or something along those lines. Sounds too disinterested. Well... duh! She rarely signs into anymore.


She's a pretty hot, BBW. Not too big, but not that slim either. Does amazing anal and is dirty sounding as fuck. She arranges an orgy now and then too. She met me at my flat in Craigmillar ages ago, but got lost at first, so I had to meet her up the road. Unfortunately, she erased her previous profile and I deleted mine, so we both lost feedback until she returned and saw other men.


I've never had a session with Inka herself, but I used her dungeon twice back in 2016. I saw a Spanish switch called Ivy for tickling and anal sex, and although she did charge a fair bit extra, I did see her since I love Spanish women. Some tart that used to use these forums called Ana X or something, blabbed about my criminal history to Inka, and my charges were caused by getting betrayed by two lousy support workers, and so I never saw her again. I've wanted to go back, but I've never really had the balls to try. I did book a session with Sans-Merci not too long ago, but I backed out afterwards. I'm sure the whole issue with Inka was a huge misunderstanding, and really Ana's fault.

Devon Breeze

Some fat porn star who charges the Earth for a booking, that used to be in Granton, but is maybe overseas now. Never saw her, but she was incredibly snotty sounding and not particularly sexy either.

TS Rosie

Saw this pre-op transsexual (or someone like her) in a flat near Ferry Road. It's hard to say with all the crappy fake shit these people go pulling. I can't remember the exact address. I think it was near Inverleith Park, and on a crescent. I tried to book her again a few years later, and I don't know if it was even the same person I saw. But she had an absolute stinking attitude whoever it was, and wouldn't let me shower in peace. She then went and found out I reported her on Ripoffreport ages ago, so she went and posted on some acting related wiki about me, which caused another troll to start pestering me, since he was already doing that anyway. 

Doesn't do escorting now. Just massages, and gained a new slight name change to Rose.


She followed me to some forum once, and left a cheeky comment. Seems like a smarty pants. A pity the more attractive type often are!

I've seen lots of other girls. Some were very decent, but mostly, a lot of the chicks I saw were unpleasant, spaced out and mega weird in general. But regardless, I hope the slew of tossers disappears from real soon, because I'm tired of the minefield like structure of the booking system on there.  Undecided

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