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Freeview is it worth it?
I have always done freeview on cam but I am wondering if it may be time to try without

I wonder if anyone has experience,tips,thoughts and so on regarding this

There isn't many positives for free view,a lot of them want me to stand up and so on,I always say no,I limit the amount of time they can view me in a day and I don't allow guests in

I think the problem is now pre booked has been disabled if I don't offer free view I may lose out 

I just find it a bit boring sitting there in free

I get why people want to view me in free to see if they like what they see but I have pictures for that

I think I will give it a try,but should I keep my prices the same as if I offered free view?
I have nearly always offered freeview, and I have been on AW for 10 years. A few times I have stopped for a couple of days, but get so bored soon put it back on. Sitting there teasing a lot of morons is better than sitting there doing sod all, lol. I do stand up and turn round if asked, but it does annoy me when they think I will show all in free. I also only allow them five minutes per hour (I never do more than an hour at a time anyway lol), but have been asked numerous times to make it longer, apparently 5 minutes is not long enough for most of them to cum, lol. poor devils. I charge £1.60 p.m. for group and 1.90 p.m. for private and have been told several times I am expensive. I think I am average regarding my prices. Have thought about upping them, but haven't as yet, as don't want to price myself out of the market. You have to charge what you are comfortable with. I do think men like to see you in 'real life' as pictures can be years old, some of mine in free are, but the ones on my profile page are recent ones. At least they can see exactly what they are getting in free view.
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Thank you for commenting and your advice,I won't allow than 5 minutes either,to me thats more than enough time to decide,I don't think that is expensive at all,I think I may offer to stand up if asked normally I say no,but I would not offer more than that as I tell them thats what private is for or I am just giving it away
For what it's worth I stopped offering freeview a few months back and since then have probably made more than before.
For sure you can wait around for a good while doing nothing if it's a quiet day, but so long as you have other stuff to do, I think it's better than having freeloaders talk crap with you for 5 mins then not book a show with you!
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