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Hi all

how do you manage to download videos that you've paid for on Adultwork.?? I've noticed that in recent months when you buy a video it streams not downloads..!!

Any one know how you can download them still.??

I was always under the impression that video clips were not downloadable, you paid for 24 hours or whatever time is on offer, to view them, you don't own them, just paying to view not to download.
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It's pay per view. You pay, watch it as many times as you like for 15 minutes and then have to pay again. That's what AdultWork told me when I asked them months ago.
Hi, when a member uploads a video the codec used eg mp4, wma etc determined whether the option to download or not appeared. AW is shifting away from these though to a streaming service only so very little if not none of the vids can be downloaded now.
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