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Ladyboys in Edinburgh...
I never really see any Thai ladyboys in Edinburgh any longer, which is sad. Never see anyone by the name of "TS Rose" (previously Rosie) because her pictures are of somebody else, and she's very rude in general. She once had me waiting for ages near her flat in Inverleith, before the punt started. I recall seeing her (or someone else) in her flat a few years beforehand, situated at a crescent, but I remember that punt was way better, and it was my first transgender experience. Undecided

The other time, I don't know if it was even the same person that I saw. This person I seen that time seemed way taller, and her attitude was also different. And although I got there on time, she said she had to get home from college, so I had to stand around for a while. Once I arrived in her flat, which I knew the location of, she was very insolent. She wouldn't even let me shower in peace, and she didn't seem interested in the punt at all. Pretty much felt to me that she was another one of the common kind that phones in a booking just for to gain your cash, and really couldn't give a shit if you like the time or not. But although I never went back, she found me on some films related wiki, and her and some other troll unrelated to her that I am being bothered by a lot, tried to abuse me in the comments section. TS Rose only does massages now anyway, so I wouldn't book her again in any case.

It hasn't put me off escorts by any means, or even seeing tranny types again, but I do think that in general has gotten so shite in recent years with the enormous amount of flaky women, dummy profiles, outdated pictures, and God knows what else. The women in Edinburgh are all snooty types now, with toffee noses. So I think I'll maybe just stick to visiting the saunas. Confused

Heidi at Blair Street is great.

I do like ladyboys, though. Nice, yet rare! Heart

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