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Suspension from site

Adultwork seems to be more confusing than ever particularly with terms and conditions which are quite vague in some areas. To cut a long story short I lost my profile and was informed it was because I had listed social media on my profile. Yet looking on AW settings there is a section in edit profile for 'Apps and Social Media' which lists a vast number of social media sites you can include. One of them in this list was what I had, they deemed it as communicating outside the site. Yet they allow Twitter isn't that communicating out of the site.

Also they stopped webcam settings a while ago so that only DirectCam is only option yet they're still in settings.

Needless to say the Actfair bunch don't act fair at all, and take a hard stance saying it's deemed as communication outside of the site for listing social media on the profile.

This is so confusing because AW shows social media in this 'Apps and Social Media' settings, just wanted to see if anyone else has run into this confusion.

I've seen loads of profiles where people list social media and even have written about discussing payments outside the site, but it seems that if you're not British you just get shafted by Actfair which is very onesided!

Clearly AW does need to look at the T&C's to be more specific on what they want from it's hosts etc.

I look forward to comments on this.


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