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The Resident Evil games are shite now...
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Well and truly shite...

Think of your worst punt times one hundred, and that's this franchise for me. Although I don't know if anybody likes these games, but I'll explain roughly what they are about.

In the really old ones on the PlayStation, you were in a mansion, police station, or a city, mainly shooting zombies. But there was great atmosphere. It wasn't really about shooting everything, per se. You had to solve puzzles and collect keys too. But of course, you still had "boss fights" and all that.

Skip all the games from 1996 to 2004 and go right into Resident Evil 4 in 2005... and here's an idea of what you do in it.

This is all you do - for hours and hours. There is only a few puzzles. The sequels after that have co-op, so you have someone helping you to shoot the hell out of everything. Not scary. Not exciting. Not captivating at all. Boring.

Then the dumb fucks at Capcom felt it was time to 'go back to the roots' of the franchise in 2017 and because Silent Hills wasn't released by Konami, that gave them an idea. And so they released this abomination. This here is actually one of the stupid extra modes, but I honestly don't care about these games anymore. They suck. And now all they can do is remake the old ones. They will still suck. Undecided 

If you want to see the golden age of these games, look no further than this one here. This is the first remake from 2002 that was on the GameCube, but is now on the PS4 as well, remastered in HD. When they finally remade Resident Evil 2 and released it earlier this year, it was nothing like this one. They completely changed the story, and cut a lot of enemies, and other stuff was gone too.

Like this post if you agree. Angel
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The wife loves loves loves RE2 HD. RE4 was a terrible games, they really went down hill.

Wife is currently waiting on Borderlands 3 but spends most gaming time on Witcher 3.
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It's a pity that Konami didn't sell the rights to Silent Hill, since they have left that IP to rot, and the last several sequels were outsourced garbage. In one of them from over 10 years ago, you play this guy who goes into an old hotel, and you have to fight giant insects with a big axe, and look for postcards, because a female ghost wants to remember something from her past. Only they block and block and block, and the boss fights are so annoying. There's this enormous doll, and you have to hack at its body for ages like a moron. The game just sucks!

Capcom may not be anywhere as bad as Konami is in their current state, but they have no clue what to do with Resident Evil. For example, this is what Chris Redfield looks like in the newest game (not the remake), versus how he used to look in some of the prior entries, such as Resident Evil 5.

It looks nothing like him in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He doesn't actually show up in the main game until during the ending, but then he stars in the downloadable extra stuff, namely Not a Hero. It's almost like recasting somebody else in a major role you've grown up loving, when you clearly know the difference between the main actor and the new dude, who feels like a shemp in comparison. Confused

Apparently, Konami seldom make console games anymore. They said mobile gaming 'is the future' back in 2015, after Hideo Kojima buggered off and left them. He is working on Death Stranding, which is due out in November. But Konami have lost so much respect from people.

I'm not that bothered about this Death Stranding game at all. Sony had to delay releasing The Last of Us Part II. Sony won't put out two major releases so close together, so it won't be out until the spring of next year.

One game I did enjoy the shit out of this year, is Days Gone. Although it does get really repetitive going back and forth between different camps, I thought it was a long and very great game that has decent character development.

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