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Seeking hardsport escorts in South east London
Hello reader,

I've begun to explore the hardsports fetish for the past 2 months, and had my first experience recently and might I say it was fantastic. 
I'm now back in South East London and it was appear that it's a tad more difficult to find escorts willing to provide this service which is unfortunate. Luckily I've had some luck in finding this forum, and hopefully can find some escorts willing to provide this service for me.

- I do prefer a chubby woman, but nothing that can be classified as a 'BBW'.
- I don't care about your race, however I'd prefer you be a maximum of 33 years old.
- If the session is planned, I like a woman looking as natural as possible, makeup doesn't do it for me.

If this sounds like an area in which you cover please respond to either this post and send me a message through my DMs.


Half of the folk that say they do that, are likely lying. Maybe try a dominatrix. They typically have a site listing what services they offer.

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