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flash player in direct cam
Hey all

I know that adobe flash player will cease working in the near future & google chrome automatically supports this video software. This is a big issue as I use direct cam on google chrome. Just wondering what adultwork is going to do to continue to support all it's users who use google chrome & obviously flash player to broadcast & view webcam..??? What other forms of media player will adultwork work with so its users can use it's media services..?? Also why can you no longer download a video once you've paid for it...!!

I have noticed recently that when camming after camming for a certain time when typing in the text box when using direct cam the text is very slow to appear on screen & then be submitted into the chatbox so the other user can see it. Anyone know the reason for this..?? It really slows down my computer...!!
I use chrome as well when im doing directIM.

Would be interested to know as well what is going to happen when flash is no longer supported.

I'm not that impressed with justcamit anyway. I used to cam a few years ago and getting back into it. But noticed that Justcamit is exactly the same and doesn't seem to have any updates, improvements etc.

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