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Time wasters and non repliers
Hi all, I’m Brad.
First time poster so figured it best to start off with a quick hello.

I’m a regular punter in and around my local area.
Unfortunately, my local area is starting to become flooded with time wasters who clearly have no intentions of actually meeting when their profile is actually set to offer such services.

Further to this, more and more verified profiles seem to be popping up from ladies who log into their account daily, but never reply to any form of contact, which is somewhat frustrating having already baited you into paying for their private gallery before deciding to contact and try to arrange a meet.
Others who also log in daily, yet never seem to update or alter their profiles.

My local area is swarming with these profiles.
Is there any form of action any of you are aware about that I could use to possibly get rid of these time wasting accounts or at least something to get some of them who are regularly active to start replying.

Hi, look down the bottom left on the profile for "Authentic Member? "

AW take this very seriously, if they say they offer something and dont actively do it they will ever have it removed or get banned.

If they bait you with a private gallery and dont actively offer it AW will ban the account.
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri

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[To see links please register here]

"Skyler McKay" changed her name, but she never replies to any of my messages. I know she's not in Edinburgh. She could at least say if she intends to tour here again.

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