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I think certain ladies on are a huge waste of time!
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You know? I don't like to speak ill of people, as it's not very nice. I believe in treating others how you yourself would want to be treated, but I can never get a decent damn booking on this site, as a lot of the local Edinburgh girls are so... weird. I don't know if that's the word I wanted to use, but I've used the site on and off for years, and I always end up just deleting my newest account after like only a day or so, because it really is that awful now. It's really a waste of energy trying to achieve getting laid through trolling about on that site, as much of the time you spend browsing on there is fruitless, and I've got no choice but to accept that the site will always be like this now.

Besides the ladies having profiles written so "demandingly" you could say, there's also a lot of fake garbage that amasses every single day on there, but usually you can spot a dud easily and move on. I tend to avoid booking women that only have feedback about camera work, even if they send messages that seem appealing enough, regarding a real-life meeting. I'm sure it will likely not happen. They're quite content it seems to ask you to watch them online first by paying to view them fart about, then they will start fobbing you off in regards to an actual punt. If they have no actual feedback as an escort, that's a real red flag for me. And yes, I know the site looks pretty, and there's a feedback system, which is why this site is so popular among punters and work girls alike. Well, okay. That's fine.

I'm also not sure why so many girls have private galleries you must buy shitty credits for to access, when there's normally nothing but just a pile of unsexy, wank fodder most of the time. Some galleries really don't have anything of value to display, but a handful of generic looking and often censored photos, where you often don't even see the person's face either. The same could be said about their videos as well.

Today, I booked Estelle, who is known as a BDSM sub-girl. I didn't get a reply. She read the booking this morning. So I tried to then book an out call with a person calling herself Sasha's Sweet Honey. She looks sexy as all hell, by the way, but I've heard only bad things about her being incredibly off putting.

Typically, this is what she does, and I don't know if she has a mental problem or is unsure of certain men who message her, but she'll usually text back, being all nicey nice, and I was very wary of her potentially doing that sort of thing today, just because I've seen so many posts about her wasting people's time over on UKPunting. Now, normally I'd never recommend anyone take anything posted on there seriously, as we know from looking at the dozens of postings about UKPunting on here, that the members are complete assholes and they will happily write shit about anybody. But I digress. They're spot on when they say she's a huge time waster. She's really nothing but a major disappointment. The few gentlemen that did get to see her must have pushed some serious buttons to achieve a meet-up.

I text her, and told her my address for the out call to go ahead at half 5 this evening. She wanted me to book her online, although she was aware that I had no feedback. She then proposed that I meet her in a flat close to Slateford Road, for reasons she didn't go into. After some standard chit-chat, I got a reply back after several responses stating that she had a 'real life invasion today' and was not able to commit to fun. To be honest, I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but in her case, I truly believe that she enjoys taken the piss. Just look at her feedback, where people have been yards from her flat and she has been ignoring their messages and calls.

To anyone out there who has actually met her and loved the booking or bookings that occurred, then more power to you. But to me, I think she's just one of many obnoxious ladies on there, cancelling a booking on purpose after playing with people, because she must think it's hilarious to have guys jumping through hoops. I'm also sure I read stuff somewhere a while ago, about her having scars on her wrists, and generally being rather strange. Maybe she has bipolar or anxiety. That's not her fault, sure. But really. Us guys can only be so sympathetic, because then we're just going to be played like fools way too often.

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say about this matter. Like I said, if the site works for you and you're a guy who has actually seen her, kudos to you. But to me, it's just one big joke nowadays.
I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'm purely a cam and phone girl but I just wanted to address one point you made about not showing faces. Some of us girls enjoy camming, I for one love it, but I don't show my face unless I have my mask on. Why is that? Well, there are untold reasons why. Personally it's because I have a life out side of AW and don't fancy being recognised or being outed. In the two years I've been camming not one person that has taken me into a private or group session has been bothered at all about seeing my face .... those that do, it's fine as there is a wealth of girls out there that do and I understand that some men prefer it. It's all ok. I really do wish you well on AW and hope you manage to find a great girl very soon... believe me, there are lots of lovely, genuine ladies on AW who would love to meet you.

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To be honest, I would rather get a girlfriend, because that may be part of the problem too. I had one years ago, who had some sort of mood disorder. She ended up just using me to buy her expensive items, and before that, I had not been in touch with her for years.
I don't think it's appropriate to be writing on a public forum about a service providers self harm scars.

Maybe you are not getting a response because of your attitude in your correspondence, you sound like you have become frustrated with your experience on there and genuine sex workers may be hearing this in your communication and that could cause you to fail screening.
It might also be worth google searching your AW name and number as you may have been written a negative review or put in a warning section on sex workers forums by someone you have had a grievance with, this could have caused you to become black listed by sex workers in your area.

It is against AW terms and conditions to say you offer escort services when you don't, you are quite right to be upset about this, if you believe this is the case then maybe report this to AW, it may help more so than this.
With regards to people not showing their face, sex workers generally have a life and family outside of sex work, there are also a variety of reasons such as if they have previously been victim or harrassment, Are a parent, and many more. If you do not like it is by-the-by as is not breaking AW's t&c's.

All the best x
I only really see one woman, but I never name who I see.

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