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your escort the attitude

Your attitude to the escort
What do you think about the escort? Are there already new services of this type?
Nothing special. Escort is a usual service which exists many centuries. The usual needs satisfaction. I do not know anything new in this area
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To be honest, I think that site has gotten so bad in terms of the quality on offer, and the anti-social attitude of some of the ladies. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all the women are like that. But too often, you get people that simply don't appear to want to give a shit. At least the layout is pretty, if not a tad outdated now.

Besides the large amount of fake accounts and inactive ones, it's just generally a poor site for meeting the girl of your dreams. I've been looking on it for years and I rarely booked any girls on there that I thought were the full shilling, or even all that attractive. Many of them were very nasty actually, and didn't seem like they enjoyed my company none. Even if you do find somebody interesting that you may want to meet again, they almost always never stick around long term anyway. Plus, I don't advise that anybody be clingy around them in any case. It's just a job and eventually, you'd yearn for the real thing.

Even when you send a message to someone you don't know, trying to break the ice, they just block you outright or act very pretentious and nasty for no reason, probably more so if the conversation makes no mention of a proposed transaction. It's not a matter of me trying to waste their time. I'd just rather get to know them a little, that's all. 

The BDSM related site "Fetlife" is a lot like that too. In fact, I just messaged this woman on there a few nights ago and I said I was an actor. You know? It was just a bit of small talk to start off with since I did not know what to say, being a bit autistic and socially dense, and the nasty so and so said that she was Medusa in a play once, and said so what? As if to claim I had no 'bragging rights' or whatever to say I'd appeared in movies. Thankfully, you can normally tell right away if they are the misandrist or arrogant sort just by looking at their profile page, which is almost always full of dos and don'ts on it. Immediately, already a massive red flag in itself. It implies they're uncaring and snooty right off the bat. No this, no that. Rules. Rules. Rules. 

If it looks hot, don't touch it. I just don't recommend anyone sane goes near that site at all. Sorry!
No words, have you ever ordered an escort service ?? I got the impression that you are not just burned
No. Sometimes it depends on the personality of the escort. I've seen some pleasant ladies off there, but just not in such a long time now.

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