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make ladies pov sex movies porn movie for looking

Looking for ladies to make movies
Hello my name is Jay (BigJonnyMcGherkin)

I'm at a start of filming amateur videos with my sights of going professionally.
As for now i do this as hobby.
Have some great ideas for filming in pov style because of atvantage of camera angle
and ease of set at same time.

My offer would be to do set with you, i will make sure every detail is set with you before hand
and you are ok with scenario etc. 
Also i do have previous expierence in video editing, and publishing of variou types.
I would provide the cameras, lightning too.

So what you can gain from this? 
Fully edited professional video for you to use as for any purpose you like.
Wich could help to get more fans/clients etc,

What i will do with video in for my part, and what is to gain for me from this?

I will only use this in my Channel of Pornhub(maybe in future on other porn site like redtube,xhamster etc.)
...As they free it means not for money gaining results...

I could also refer you in credits of my videos by your stage name or so...
Besides all that i also had some collab ideas for cam shows - couple style, seen that is the most profiting from
other genres of cam shows...

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! Smile

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