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justcamit login error
Hi lovelies,

I've been trying to do webcamming on AW for a few months now but been unable to resolve this issue. 

I have a mac and everytime i try to log into justcamit lite with the info that adultwork tell you to use it comes up with this error:

Server Status : Connecting To Server, Please Wait...
Server Status : Error - No active user exists with that username/password combination (2)

I've checked that my password is correct and even changed it to make sure, all the info is correct, I have changed the settings on my profile like it says to say that i offer webcamming.

What am i doing wrong? Can anyone help? I emailed AW and they ignored me...
I've looked at your profile and you are set up correctly for directcam. So if the password is definitely correct then it must be the username that is the problem. Try this, go to registration details and click in the box where your username is. Is the cursor a space ahead of the last letter of your username, i.e have you maybe saved your username with a space after it?

It's also all case sensitive just in case you had not realised, sorry if that's obvious Smile

I would then try slightly changing your username to see if that fixes it. There is nothing in your username that should be causing this to happen but who knows, could be a glitch that gets solved by a name change, I have known that to happen.

If all else fails you're more than welcome to join my group Top-Shelf temporarily, this will give me access to your settings etc so I can have a look and see what might be up. I could also try to log in on the full download of JCI for you to see if that works, indicating that it's a JCILite specific issue. No strings attached of course, we will remove you from the group immediately once you're sorted (unless you fancy staying!).

I'm about to hop in the bath right now but I'm home all evening so if you want to do that just pop me a DM on AW (same username as here)

Also, did you know that AW do live chat support during office hours? Just click on HELP from the homepage and scroll down and to the right untill you see the "chat now" box. They wont be there until Monday morning but they might be able to offer you more guidance than you will get from sending an email xx

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I had the same problem when I first started. It was my password. Apparently JCI has problems recognising anything other than letters and numbers. So I simplified and bingo!

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