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no pay wednesday?

No Pay from Wednesday?
Hi Daily Pay, I put in a request for payment on Tuesday or Wednesday which was taken out of my account pretty much soon afterwards.

It has not been put into my account yet???

I did say in message that I needed it today as I have bills to pay.

Please can you help or I am going to get bank charges again.

Same here nothing gone to my bank yet for funds withdrawn from my AW account yesterday morning, can you give it a push through please, I have emailed this morning too but no reply to that.
Wow. Just WOW. REALLY hope this is being dealt with somewhere off the site!
Seems like Adultwork's Finest always take their time with payment on request.
I've been paid once they worked out what had gone wrong.
Hi, we do apologise for the delayed payments.

Can you send your usernames and we will endeavor to resolve this issue.

The OPs username is included in her post
(02-03-2019, 22:12)BeautifulBADGirl Wrote: The OPs username is included in her post

Got paid once I posted a query on WhatsApp.
Hi, whatsapp or phone lines will be the quickest method of contact.

I believe all sorted now.

"Seems like Adultwork's Finest always take their time with payment on request." - the time frame is up to 24hours max. They are processed twice daily, once in morning and once at night. If 24hrs max is exceeded its related to the credits not being available or neg balance etc and unrelated to us but an email is always sent to the member letting them know why.
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri


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