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manual adultwork chargeback refund escrow

manual escrow
so ive got a manual escrow few times on aw already, all the last times, i have been paid after some time, but now i got it again and its been a week since they took the money out and im negative 160 pounds! I was waiting for the money to come back to my acct, but nothing so far, so i emailed the webmaster and he told me the client was a scammer and the card was stolen, so they returned the amount to the card and me, well, ofc they said in their own words: f******* y*****
im extremely upset as i have worked for that money and i dont think its fair to make me pay for their lack of attention on that client use of the site.
anyone had the same issue?
ty in advance

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I had the manual escrow thing a few times and it was pretty much the same response. I have heard that sometimes the credits come back but if its a stolen credit card then I would say the credits are gone for good, unfortunately.
so today another show of mine was put on escrow right when i was positive with my balance again, that is really upsetting. 2 escrows in one week and putting me again, on negative balance. i dont like that at all, am i working for free here? why dont they block the guys whne they buy credits and not when they spend on us????? this is ridiculous.

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