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Payout On Request - No Payment yet xx
Hi DP,

I sent a email earlier this morning requesting my POR. I supplied new bank account details but didn't receiveieve a payout.

Could someone chase it up for me please? Thank you xxx
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  • MissEsoteric
similar to the above member's comment, I rejoined (DP Group) as of a few weeks ago after an absence from the group simply as I'd gradually reduced my cam and phone work=earnings thus, I felt I no longer warranted or was really 'entitled' to really taking up a place in the group any longer. As is not uncommon, life's circumstances change and as of about 2/3 weeks ago I spoke to Amin who promptly and warmly (and may I add,without the udredded 'interoation'Iknow ohers personally dread experiencing or having to welcomed me back into he DailyPay group. I followed ALL instructions to the letter; with regard registering back into the group,I check my credits/finances section in my profile and it is Colin's/DailyPay details that are entered in my payment bank details etc. i'VE BEEN TRYING TO REQUEST RELEASE OF SOME FUNDS THROUGHOUT THIS PERIOD. I'd REALLY appreciate just a brief note from Admin as as far as I understood funds could be release upon request particularly as I'ma verified longstanding member. If, of course,I am hindering the process in some way I'd love to know as I'll attend to the matter immediately so as to have my funds released at your earliest convenience as its been about three weeks waiting now at this point I'm sure for legitimate reasoning that could be rectified in a matter of moments :-)

Warmest Regards,

MissEsoteric (Dundonian_Delights)


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Hi, when you go here does it say you are in a group or does it tell you about creating one?
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