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Movie removal and lack of assistance
I am a fairly new user to AW and doing my best to remain patient with getting set up, every day there seems to be a new hurdle to overcome and virtually no assistance from the administrators who only ever copy and paste replies from the help section that I have already spent hours trawling through.

 I am sure you are familiar with this and like me just suck it up and try to get on with it. So far I've had extremely innocent photos removed from my public pages while multitudes of others flaunt the rules and are depicted fully nude and mid shag - I asked for an explanation and just got a cut and paste reply, as always, so just let that one go. Then I had a movie removed because the description was apparently wrong -again asked for advice, was told by the respondent that they are not advised why movies are removed and to just try reuploading it, which I did and it's still there so far. Uploaded another movie that allegedly breached the no torture or damage to breasts, genitals or anus - it contained light spanking and a two second application of hot candle wax followed by a golden shower- I asked why it was removed when one of today's featured videos was 'BDSM fuck with nipple torture (nipples hooked up to electro stim clamps) and yet another example I gave was of a lady kicking the shit out of a restrained guy's balls - ok so yes my movie (very artistically in my opinion) mildly challenged some of the stated rules but there are 1000s that go way beyond my amateur attempts at BDSM - and the answer, guess what was a cut and paste of the rules from the Help pages and in no way addresses the arbitrary application of those rules. I persevered and finally got a reply saying that 'we do not know why a movie is rejected? I asked who, then, is making these decisions and got another cut and paste reply that did not answer my query.

Can anyone please advise on:

a. is this just a regular pain in the backside annoyance about AW that we just have to live with and happens to everyone.
b. is there any reliable way of avoiding movie removal for inexplicable reasons
c. does anyone make enough money out of movie clips to even bother with the inconsistent bullshit administrative problems and total lack of administrator support to make it worth the effort?

I would sincerely appreciate feedback on other members' experience and advice on what to do.

Thank you for listening to my rant
Hi. Probably the worst reported case of hurdles I have seen reported for AW, so definitely not the norm.

I would try one by one to move forward.

PM your username to me or post it here and we check further.

UK Office landline number is 02892108055 12midday - 5pm Monday - Friday

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