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Looking for help, will pay ££
Hey - I currently run a webcam model agency here in the UK -

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 with over 12000 performers in our system.

We work in partnership with Streamate and im looking at broadening our partners by linking in with AW by creating a group for our performers to join.

The AW platform kind of confuses me - much more complicated than SM - My current API links directly into our partners sites where registration takes under 1 second...

Are there any veteran users here on AW who could possibly answer some of my questions and perhaps come to an agreement with being part of the launch group onto AW?

Send me a DM Smile  Heart
12000 members all on SM? I find that hard to believe. How many are active?

I do know that you take a huge chunk of cam girl earnings. Why would anyone join you when adultwork is full of groups that have a 0% fee?

But regardless of that. This isn't an official adultwork forum. This forum is run by an adultwork group manager so I don't think you're going to get the help you're hoping for.
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12,000 webcam girls... you must be a gazzilionaire… if not EPIC FAIL.

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Better of becoming a cam model yourself rather than taking huge chunks out of other peoples hard work and earnings Smile Mwah xo
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I am actually with EKM through Streamate and they are legit. Always pay out on time and very helpful. I would recommend.
Fetish Ella

Its best to be up front and frank about things. At a glance I was unable to tell they are a studio, how much they charge or the sites they work with.
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri

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