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Losing the will to LIVE...
When will AW FIX their site.... for months and months I thought it was me and took a month off due to how it was effecting my self confidence but I have just yet again had another member tell me it won't let them connect to my directcam is anyone else having this problem? I sit here for hours on end thinking shit have I all of a sudden turned into a negative magnet and repelling everyone away but I truly think AW is going down the lavvy to be put it politely.
Traffic has been dire for the past two days, I hate to say it but I think AW has had it's day! I have had 1 person that kept being booted out every time I put in the text box the pound coin symbol £, and punters were kicked out because of that.
Loads in the private forum feeling the same xx
Today has bein shocking for me as was last night done 7 hours today and early very little

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It's sad as you think AW would do something about the problems as its only losing them money and paying members..
AW has been pocket money for me the cpl last months, it was my main egg last year but not anymore.

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Me too praying today a better day xoxo
hi Once again client said they paid for my special offer and it charged them only to have not gone through. 

He then has returned to me in pvt session paying for some time to tell me how to sort it out. He's asking for a refund. Not good relations all round - neither for client or cam girl when its NEITHER FAULT. 

Mirabelle xxx

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