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adult escrow???? manual what help work credits money debit escrow

What is Manual Escrow????
Can anyone tell me what Manual Escrow it???

Ive seen the term used on my credit appears i have a minus credit amount for something called Manual Escrow? ive never seen this before....its 3.63 to a person called Fr3nchy on IM (I have never spoken to this person before EVER.... even if it is a small amount its been debited from my account and i have no idea why or how?

can anyone help me understand what this is? Huh
Its a refund to a client for whatever reason.
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Yeah so that's been removed because it was added by mistake x
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Thats so strange...never seen it before and never spoken to that particular person ever.......
Manual Escrow is not necessarily a refund to the client. It's usually when AW can't verify the client's card details, or the client's bank flags the credit purchase as unusual spending. AW then remove those sessions credits out of your account via manual escrow pending an investigation. They are often returned.

But you said you have never sessioned with this guy? So if the 3.63 was never earned by you, never went IN to your account, but you can see it going OUT, then you are losing out. They just randomly removed 3.63 from your account. If you can see the session being deducted, you should also be able to see earlier on where the corresponding session went IN to your account? If it's not shown going in I'd contact webmaster.
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Hi, the above is correct.
Funds returned on the 15/08/2017 12:42.

Its possible he changed his username after the chat.

UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri


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Hi there! [Image: rainbow.gif] Girls, be careful: flip81, same old story. But first time for me Angry
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I had my third one last night. 14 credits in escrow for Mon602. I've never had the money returned so I've always assumed it was card fraud.
Flip81 got me too, christ_ty! Ladies watch out for him!
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